The Link Between Body Fat and Your Diet…

Healthy Smoothie Fruit Drink - Must Link to https://thoroughlyreviewed.comEver since leaving university my lifestyle has become more sedentary. Many of us work long hours within an office environment, sitting for over 8 hours without any form of exercise.

All this inactivity can add as much as 40 to 50 pounds of fat to your frame. Furthermore, technology and continuous innovation is making peoples life even more sedentary, increasing the risk of obesity.

Our bodies are already primed to be a continuous fat burning machine (yes, even when we sleep), but then why do we hold on to this blubber? Well it all comes down to your diet.

You would have heard this many times before, but it is something that holds a lot of truth. I have previously started my weight loss journey without changing my diet, going day in day out without shifting an ounce of fat, and wondering why all my work at the gym is going to no avail.

In all simplicity, if you eat more calories than your body can burn off, you will simply store all that additional calories as fat. So how do you burn fat, well you just do the opposite; eat fewer calories than you burn. You see it is not rocket science, if you can plan and stick to a dieting program of moderating your daily food consumption, you will lose weight.

Do you still not understand the science behind it?

Well here’s a detailed breakdown to make understanding this a bit easier.

Calories… are simply a unit of energy, which can be introduced to the body as food, drinks or storage body fat.

Body Fat… includes essential body fat and storage body fat. Essential body fat is something that is needed to maintain life and reproductive functions, whereas storage body fat consists of fat accumulation known anatomically as adipose tissue. Its main role is to store energy in the form of fat as well as providing cushioning and insulation to the body and its organs.

The percentage of essential body fat needed is 2-5% for men, and 10-13% for women. If we are to include essential and storage body fat, the average percentage for men is 17-21%, and 25-30% for women.

Metabolism… is the various chemical reactions that happen within our bodies, 24/7, keeping us alive. In simple words its all those calories and body fat being turned into energy to keep us functioning (i.e. breathing, blood circulation, controlling body temperature, cell growth…).

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)… is the amount of energy exhausted while at rest, the amount of energy your body needs to function.

Now we know some of the terms in more detail, lets look at the equation:

FAT Loss = BMRCalories

So for example, I am looking to lose a pound of body fat in two weeks.

My BMR is 1,733 calories per day. For me to achieve fat loss I need to consume less than 1,733 calories a day.

3,500 calories equals to roughly a pound of body fat.

The calculation:

FAT Loss (3,500) – BMR (1,733 x 14 days) = Calories, 14 days (20,762)

So that is a daily intake of 1,483 calories.

If I am to now eat 1,483 calories daily for 14 days, the body will need to come up with the additional 250 calories in order to keep the body functioning. This additional calorie comes from (you have guessed it) your body fat. So if your body does this for 14 days straight, it will burn roughly a pound of body fat.

What have we learnt?

The link between body fat and your diet is simple.

Eat less than your body needs and you burn fat.

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