My Weight Loss Journey – Part 1

If you have read ‘The Author’, you will already know a bit about me.

The reason I created this blog is to provide all you average men and women with the knowledge I learnt and the experiences I went through, so that you won’t make the same mistakes I did and have everything in place to achieve something that you thought was impossible, but is quite simple.

My journey went through many phases. It is only logical (Yes, Lt. Spock) to start with Phase 1.


Phase 1

My initial weight loss journey started way back when I was in high school. I was sixteen years old; I had a good active life, achieving my 3rd Dan Black Belt in taekwondo but I was no Greek God, I was a chubby kid who loved food.

Now I know what you are thinking, this doesn’t make sense, he is a black belt in taekwondo. But, the thing is fat is simply tissue, you can run marathons, do gymnastics, play football and still have a thick layer of fat covering your entire body. It all comes down to the simple principle of, if you’re feeding your body with more calories than needed, it will store it as excess fat.

So in other words I had the stamina and strength of a Greek God, but the body of a walrus, what a sight hey.

With all this blubber and surrounded by teenagers who took their looks and physique to great lengths, in order to gain that famous chiselled look, I too wanted to change and build that physique. This is where my first attempt of losing weight started.

I quickly got myself on board, asking my gym teacher if I could use the gym during lunchtime. As soon as the lunch bell sounded, I would run to the gym, get changed and start lifting, without taking the time to understand which exercises I should be doing, the form I should be taking, how heavy I should be lifting, and eventually injuring myself in the process.

This first attempt at weight loss and muscle building went on over a period of a year, working out 30-40 minutes a day, four days a week. I was mostly lifting weights, as heavy as I could go, no cardio and no change to my diet.

As soon as I went home, I would eat and eat and eat. Filling myself with biscuits, chocolates, crisps, sugary snacks etc. Furthermore, my bad dieting continued during my break times, snacking on cakes, chocolates, doughnuts and sugary drinks, thinking that it was acceptable to indulge in these snacks, as I was working out.

The year went on, I was getting bulkier (due to some muscle growth), and I was still covered with a thick layer of fat, but to me, I didn’t take the bulkier figure as muscle growth, rather more fat gain. This demotivated me further, soon leading to the abrupt stop of my weight loss attempt.

Mistakes Identified?

Let’s start by looking at my fitness level, it was not bad, I was active in taekwondo and I also used to take part in tennis, football, cricket, badminton and cross-country during physical education classes. Further to this active lifestyle, I also introduced weightlifting to the mix to start building some muscle and burning that dreaded fat.

All this sounds like a sure fire way to lose fat and build muscle right? This was my first mistake.

Not understanding the science behind weight/fat loss.

My motivation to lose weight was high, wouldn’t you agree? For a guy to run to the gym, get changed and start pumping iron to the point where a session will only last 30-40 minutes top. Sounds like a hard-core workout session to me. This was my second mistake.

Not understanding weightlifting, the mechanics behind it, which workouts I should actually be doing and the form I should be taking for each workout. 

After school, I would then rush back home and fuel all this hard work I put in by eating like an Olympian. Chugging back sugary drinks, eating chocolates, biscuits, cake etc. This was my third mistake.

Not understanding the importance of a proper diet and the effects it plays in weight/fat loss.

I continued this routine for over a year, weighing myself daily at the gym and checking for changes in the mirror. This was my fourth mistake.

Not understanding that weight/fat loss is in fact a marathon rather than a sprint. Furthermore, doing this on a daily basis affected my motivation to train and implanted negativity, as all I saw was my body getting bigger and heavier without any fat loss whatsoever.

What should I have done differently?

The first thing I should have done before starting was ‘plan’. There is a popular phrase that is often used, ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’. So in reality, before even starting I have already set myself up for failure (we will look at this in more detail later).

The second thing I should have done was ‘research’. Many people have tried and failed, and many have documented their failure. I should have researched and learnt from this, incorporating the right action into my journey (we will also look at this in more detail later).

So in all simplicity, if I had done these two things before even starting my journey, would I have succeeded?

…[To be continued]…

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