The Author

Hi there and welcome to my Fitness Blog!

Who am I?

People know me as DARMA. I am just an average guy with one simple mission:

“ Helping those many ordinary men and women to break free from their conscious mind set on body image and health issues, finally setting up a plan for success and acceptance.

My Story?

I am going to try and keep this a short as possible, no promises though… 😀 

“ During my younger years, I always believed that I had the kind of body society calls ‘acceptable’ (whatever that means), and never once taught about my health, my body composition, my weight or even the food that I was stuffing my face with daily (good times, hmmm Pizza). I took each day as it came and felt totally ‘normal’.


As time went on and I got older, I started being conscious of ‘How I looked’ ‘How I am presented to the world’ ‘How people see me’… I would wake up every morning to be disgusted at what I saw in the mirror and throughout the day I would walk around with my belly sucked in, putting on the image of an extremely ripped guy but with a cartload of fat jiggling around. I spent most of the day thinking what others thought and felt, living my life to the expressions of others.


I became trapped and started fearing people, so much so that I started becoming an outsider, distancing myself from friends and family, trying to hide as much as ‘me’ as I possibly can.


A few years ago, I made the decision to change and build on my external image to boost self-confidence. I decided to become as fit as possible through intense dieting and exercising, however as much as I would like to tell you that this decision made me lose over 80 pounds and made me the man I am today, it was not the case. I did not wake up the next morning, put my plan into motion and become fit within a year, oh no… it took many years of trying, failing and learning from my mistakes to get to where I am today.


The best way to describe my weight loss journey – ‘a seesaw of ups and downs’


Nonetheless, through these tough times, I always found a way to regain motivation and attempt a jumpstart on my journey. Finding quick fixes, fad diets, magic pills and what not. Eventually, I put my foot down and started to set clear goals and targets, doing things a naturally as I can, taking one day at a time and do you know what, today I have finally come to realise that life is a whole lot better and now I want to pass what I learnt through my journey onto you!

Why did I create iDarma?

I wanted to create a platform to inspire and motivate others to achieve the same dream that I was chasing for many years.

However, I did not want to create a platform where secrets are only revealed for a price, I wanted to create a platform where people can read, understand and implement the knowledge that I gained into their lives, without a cost, building themselves to be that little bit better.

This blog is for anyone looking to make a change for the better.

For me, it is about the relationship between you and your body. I am no personal trainer or fitness guru; I am just an ordinary guy that understands every struggle and moment of doubt that an overweight person might experience. So this blog is for those average men and women chasing the same dream, to finally be one with their body, mind and soul (wow that’s cheesy, but true).